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Print your company logo or message on customized ribbon. Branding is most often done on satins, petersham, taffeta, polylinen tape or cotton tape. Branded ribbons or tapes are a very effective & affordable way to promote your brand or to send a personalized message to the recipients of your gifts. Should you have a very specific need, we could explore weaving, then branding your logo to match.

Branded rolls are supplied 100m per roll.  Do enquire should you need smaller roll sizes.


Ribbons are printed/ branded using different printing methods, each with its limitations and different pricing.  Do inquire for a quote.

Kindly provide the following for quotation purposes:

1) Type of ribbon to be printed.

2) Width of ribbon

3) Colour of ribbon

4) Printing colour(s)

5) Meterage

#3 & #4 will determine which printing process can be used and are important for quotation purposes.

Do include a picture of your logo to be printed, if possible.


Below are listed different printing methods plus some general guidelines pertaining suitability of each method to what your branding requirements are (brief breakdown). 

Min. for all methods below is 100m.

1 - FOILING        <<more>>

- Ideal for metallic finishes - available in gold or silver foil (enquire about other colours)

- Printing on Satins only, ribbon of choice is RZ003- label satin

2 - SCREEN PRINTING        <<more>>

- Less cost effective method than rotary printing

- Much thicker layer of ink than rotary printing is layed down

- Suitable for light colours on a dark background OR vice-versa

- Suitable for printing onto most ribbons & tapes

- One colour max.

3 - DIGITAL DYE SUBLIMATION        <<more>>

- Digital printing is ideal for full colour designs with lots of detail or shading

- Cost effective option for multiple colour prints on short runs

- High heat image transfer process using a heat press, so more dense/ better quality satins are used

- printing is done on white synthetic fabrics

- background/ribbon colour to be printed & matched to customer's requirements

- double sided printing an option, solid printed reverse, same design or different designs


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